A smooth partnership based on continuity, competence and transparency


At its headquarters in Holzminden, Tesium GmbH part of the Symrise group, develops, produces and distributes fragrances, flavours and food...

Sustainability Report: Indaver as a link in the circular economy


To keep the world habitable, we will have to close as many materials loops as possible. Waste therefore plays a fundamental role in the circular...

Avoid risks in hazardous medical waste disposal


In a hospital, Hazardous Medical Waste or HMW is generated every day. HMW includes anatomically, liquid, viral or bacterially infected waste,...

Chemours invests in a centralised recycling point


The chemical company Chemours recently invested in a centralised recycling point at its site in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Waste streams that are...

New milestone in sustainable methanol production in the port of Antwerp


Consortium of 7 players established to build 'power-to-methanol' demonstration plant

Social distancing for safety and continuity at Indaver

Rob Kruitwagen 2020-05-04 |

Waste treatment is one of the sectors that is considered an essential service. Indaver’s facilities are needed to ensure the health of our fellow...

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Koffiebekers: zin en onzin, feiten en fictie


Koffiebekers worden vandaag uit heel wat verschillende materialen vervaardigd: plastics, karton, bioplastics, Wie ziet vandaag het bos door de bomen...

Indaver offers efficient solutions for treating increasing volumes of coronavirus waste safely

Rob Kruitwagen 2020-04-30 |

In recent weeks, we have faced a huge influx of medical waste that has come largely from hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients. At the peak we...

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Coffee cups: truths and myths, facts and fiction


These days, coffee cups are made from all sorts of materials: plastics, cardboard, bioplastics, etc. Is it any wonder that it is hard to see the wood...

IndaChlor: update on construction works (FR)


Our latest drone video shows the construction of Indaver's recycling installation for hydrochloric acid in Dunkirk, France.
Join us in a fly-over of...

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