Press release: New sorting efforts for plastic packaging on the way

1 million Flemish people are switching to the New Blue Bag, which from 2021 will be common throughout Flanders

Today, Fost Plus and OVAM are introducing the extensive blue PMD bag together with waste intermunicipal companies MIWA, IVM, IBOGEM, ILVA, IVOO and MIROM and sorting centers Indaver and Vanheede. Together with the residents of the IDM and VERKO municipalities who already joined the new system in April, from now on about 1 million Flemish people will offer, in addition to the traditional PMD packaging, also other plastic packaging such as jars, trays, trays, bags and films in their PMD bag. The new blue bag will gradually be introduced throughout Flanders by 2021. Analyzes show that the new measure can reduce the amount of plastics that are still in the residual waste by about 50%, which means that a possible 50,000 tonnes more should be recycled each year. The introduction in the rest of Flanders will be gradual and must be completed in 2021. Fost Plus and OVAM are expressly asking residents of municipalities that have not yet switched to the extensive blue bag to continue to respect the current sorting rules for the time being.


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