Efficient and qualitative treatment of paper and cardboard

Sorting, purifying and upgrading the quality of old paper and cardboard is an essential link between the selective collection of these materials and their recycling into new paper products. The old paper and cardboard that Indaver recovers in Willebroek are recycled to produce new types of paper, insulation materials and fillers. Cardboard is recycled into high-quality packaging material. In addition, Indaver owns 35 % of VLAR Papier, a company that recovers paper and cardboard from households.

VLAR Papier and Indaver

The customers of VLAR Papier are municipalities, cities and intermunicipal partnerships. They collect the paper from households via house-to-house collections and container parks. VLAR Papier recovers this paper waste and it is then meticulously sorted and purified at the site of the paper manufacturer StoraEnso Langerbrugge, in Ghent. The paper is de-inked so that it can be used for the production of new magazines and newspapers. The de-inked paper is manufactured by StoraEnso from paper waste without adding any new paper pulp.

Other types of paper are used for other purposes and do not need to be de-inked; that is why it is called non de-inked paper. This includes coloured paper and cardboard that comes from the industrial and distribution sector as well as all paper types that originate from printing houses, publishers and logistical companies. 

Recovery based on strict quality requirements

The paper that VLAR Papier recovers after sorting is used entirely as raw material for magazines and newspapers. The paper and cardboard recovered by Indaver in Willebroek is used as a raw material for the production of new types of paper, insulation materials and fillers. Qualitative cardboard is recycled into all sorts of high-quality packaging.

The paper and cardboard that Indaver supplies to the recycling industry minimally comply with the definitions and the gradations established in the European list of standard recycled paper and cardboard: EN 643 from the beginning of 2014. More specific requirements are agreed upon, depending on the application of the various paper and cardboard fractions.

Purer paper by shredding

Paper shredding is an important pre-treatment technique with a view to recycling. This enables the foils wrapped around advertising printing to be separated from paper, which gives pre-treated paper a higher degree of purity. 

In addition, companies or authorities that want to destroy confidential documents can have these shredded at the Environmental Park in Willebroek.

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