Organisational structure


Indaver is a European company with international ambitions. We are currently located in regions: Belgium, the Netherlands and France, Germany, Ireland and Britain.  The International Management Team (IMT), headed by the CEO, develops the strategy, sets down the annual targets and co-ordinates the operational activities.


Katoen Natie SA is the sole shareholder of Indaver nv.


Indaver holds stakes in various Belgian companies that operate in the treatment and management of various waste flows. Thanks to these key partnerships and joint ventures, we can offer our customers broad and flexible services. 

Corporate governance

The Board of Directors and the management of Indaver attach great importance to the principles of corporate governance, or sound management, and want to make their corporate governance system transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. They are aware that the trust of all stakeholders will contribute to the positive development of the company in the long-term.

Indaver is not quoted on the stock exchange and therefore is not obliged to comply with the codes of corporate governance. However, we fully support the principles of the Belgian Corporate Governance Code for companies quoted on the stock exchange and use these principles as a framework for our own corporate governance model. Indaver uses its website and its annual Sustainability Report to inform stakeholders about its corporate governance system.

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