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Indaver determines what happens to every waste stream. In particular, we investigate whether the waste contains raw materials that can be recovered or it is non-recyclable waste with contaminants that must be destroyed. On this basis, we opt to recover high-quality raw materials and energy or to keep the materials loop clean and safe. We have a wide range of treatment solutions to guarantee this and to help realise the circular economy.

Recovery of high-grade materials

Waste containing considerable raw materials that can be recovered is relatively pure. At our high-tech facilities we recover materials for recycling or useful application. In this manner, Indaver is the enabler of the circular economy. We have facilities for treating PMD, plastics, paper, cardboard, biowaste and lamps, and an ash treatment facility that recovers construction materials from incinerator ash.

Useful application of energy

Indaver recovers energy from the treatment of waste in its grate incinerators, fluidised bed incinerators and rotary kiln incinerators. This energy is put to good use. Transported through district heating networks and electricity grids, this energy is supplied to consumers as steam, hot water for heating, and electricity. Biowaste also has great potential for green energy production. We recycle biowaste into biomass, among other things. This is used as a fuel in power plants. The fermentation of biowaste produces biogas, which can be converted into heat or electricity. The waste dumped at our landfills is another link in our waste-to-energy chain, where we extract methane with which we can generate energy.

Sustainable management of residual waste streams

Consumers and companies rely on the fact that the materials that are continuously re-used are safe and pure. Undesirable or hazardous substances must be removed from this product chain. The circular economy therefore needs safe sinks, safe storage places for these hazardous substances. Indaver wants to offer this ‘Safe Sink’ guarantee. We remove waste that cannot be recycled and is potentially hazardous from the materials loop. That is how we guarantee that hazardous substances cannot cause any adverse effects – now or in the future. We destroy any hazardous components that we cannot recover for good, safe use in rotary kiln incinerators. We treat any residue left behind after this complex process in our physicochemical facilities. We then transport the end product to Indaver’s landfill sites where we store it under special conditions.

Special services

Indaver has a wealth of expertise in handling and treating highly specialist waste streams for government authorities and businesses, such as decontamination and clean-up, asbestos treatment.

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