Erwin, chief engineer and coach of starters at Indaver

At Indaver we constantly invest in the future, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. What is that future, you might ask? Well, the youth of today! Needless to say, we strongly believe in the power of new recruits. With that in mind, we offer them the ideal environment to take their first steps in the labour market and we support them to develop a great career within our company.

“As a progressive organisation, Indaver needs youngsters. Not only because they will eventually take over the tasks of the more experienced staff, but also because they have a fresh take on things", explains Erwin Van den Brande, Head Engineer, who has taken Eline, a new recruit in his team, under his wing. “I am not only her manager, I also support her in learning the tricks of the trade, and in becoming independent.”

Eline:“I have been working here less than a year, but as a 'newbie' I am given the trust to learn, show initiative and come up with ideas.”

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Indaver gives new recruits just what they need

This partnership benefits not only Indaver, but also millennials who have just entered the labour market. “The company perfectly meets the requirements of youngsters, who we know are independent, assertive, committed and very keen on their spare time. Indaver meets their needs completely: everyone listens to one another, schedules are flexible, we offer a good number of leave days and everyone gets every opportunity to grow. All of this in an international context.”

Ramses: “Indaver is one big family. Everyone is open and helpful, and your opinion is always valued.”

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Lore: “Everyone has a say in the organisation, not only inside your own department, but outside too. It doesn't matter whether you've just started or you've got thirty years’ experience. Every voice is heard.”

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Growing hand in hand

“Growth is something that the entire organisation works on together", Erwin adds. “Not only do we seek innovative ways to serve the environment even better - which incidentally also motivates millennials to work for Indaver - but we also encourage everyone to use their potential to the full. And that does not go unnoticed.” 

Wouter: “Day in, day out, I help build a greener and more sustainable economy. There is nothing more motivating than that.”

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“We offer new recruits plenty of opportunities to grow and to pursue a different role internally. Moreover, we have developed several initiatives to offer them extensive training. An example is the Process Academy, which allows young engineers to take part in training days and get to know each other better.”

Carl: “As a millennial, I started working at the company with a fresh perspective, but I am learning so much from my more experienced colleagues.”

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Targeted support

A pleasant work environment is one thing, offering the right support is another. We consider both to be equally important. All our new employees are assigned a mentor – a colleague or manager – who helps them get familiar with the company, their colleagues and all the practical ins and outs. 

They are also coached extensively by their manager during their tasks. Erwin explains that to him, guidance also means letting go. “In a company where everyone can share their opinion, independence is very important. That's why I immediately gave Eline a lot of responsibility, without feeling the need to constantly hold her hand. That may sound scary, but it's not. I give her, as a new recruit, the space to make mistakes, but I'm always behind her, waiting in the wings, to catch her when she's at risk of falling. That is the approach in the entire organisation - you are never on your own.”

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