Indaver shares its expertise with municipal authorities in a waste-to-energy masterclass

On 9th February 2017 Indaver will once again be giving the waste-to-energy masterclass that was so successful at the ISWA Congress at the end of 2015. In a partnership with Keppel Seghers and the University of Leuven, specialists from Indaver will be sharing their expertise on the latest incineration techniques with Flemish and Wallonian public authorities, so that they can make an informed choice for their residents.

Testing the theory in practice

The participants will be given an in-depth overview of the latest waste incineration techniques over the course of one day. Various types of plants will be reviewed, including the grate incinerator, the rotary kiln incinerator and the fluidized bed incinerator. The pre-treatment techniques will also be explained. They will examine what raw materials and additives are needed, how the flue gases are purified and how steam or energy is recuperated with each type of plant. The theory will be field-tested using practical examples. In addition, the masterclass will look at the economic aspects of waste-to-energy and at the role that waste-to-energy plays in sustainable waste management.


Providing a Service to Public Authorities

The masterclass is primarily intended for Flemish and Wallonian intermunicipal organisations. This is being done within the framework of Indaver's Public Waste Partnerships with public authorities, in which Indaver not only offers waste management that is tailored to the needs of each municipal authority, it also offers its extensive expertise and experience. Indaver wants to share the knowledge it has built up about diverse waste incineration techniques. Some intermunicipal organisations have their own incineration plant, and others do not. But the masterclass is useful even for the latter, because they also need to be able to make a good decision when subcontracting the treatment of their residual waste for example.


A Strong Trio of Speakers

The speakers are Nick Alderweireldt, Indaver's lead engineer for waste-to-energy, Johan De Greef Technology Project Manager at Keppel Seghers and Jo Van Caneghem, lecturer and research & innovation manager at the KU Leuven. All three are specialists and experts in the field of waste-to-energy. Indaver first organised this masterclass for participants of the ISWA World Congress that was organised in 2015 in Antwerp in collaboration with Indaver. At the time, there was great demand for this presentation day to be repeated. So, the three speakers are now giving this new masterclass together again. 

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