Social distancing for safety and continuity at Indaver

Waste treatment is one of the sectors that is considered an essential service. Indaver’s facilities are needed to ensure the health of our fellow citizens. Society and the government are counting on us to keep our facilities operational. We see it as our primary and most important task at this time to continue to ensure the continuity of waste treatment. Our work at all our locations has been adapted, in accordance with the government measures that protect employees and subcontractors from becoming infected with the coronavirus. After all, the safety of everyone who comes to our locations is our priority.

Treating medical waste safely

At our site in Antwerp, during this coronavirus crisis we are treating medical waste that has come largely from hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients. We are providing our employees with the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to be able to work safely at all times. Anyone whose presence on-site is not strictly required is not admitted. Incidentally, this rule applies to all our sites. This means that we can reserve the available PPE for the protection of our employees. Thanks to the automatic roller system for feeding the waste containers into the rotary kiln incinerator, our employees are treating this waste without any direct physical contact.

Social distancing throughout the workplace

We are also applying the necessary safety and hygiene measures at our other sites too. Keeping a safe distance is essential in the fight against the coronavirus. So, we have introduced the principles of social distancing everywhere: at our reception desks as well as in the offices, control rooms, sorting cabins, changing rooms and canteens. Indaver is therefore ensuring the safety not only of the people who are also giving their all every day of this crisis on the factory floor, but also of hauliers, suppliers and subcontractors.

Everyone’s responsibility

Safety is a constant theme in our policies, procedures and management systems; it goes to the heart of our entire organisation. The same obviously applies when employees and contractors require protection against a contagious virus. We expect all employees to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues at all levels and in all positions, and to now respect the social distancing requirements. Indaver is making the necessary organisational changes to enable them to do so.

One of the most profound measures has been the general introduction of teleworking for every employee whose presence at any of our sites is not strictly required. Anyone who does need to be in the office is keeping a safe distance. Office spaces where colleagues do have to come together have been furnished with tape on the floor to help with social distancing. Anywhere where a lot of contact is required but a safe distance cannot be guaranteed, such as our weighbridges, plexiglass screens have been installed.

Digital tools for working from home

Working from home has become the norm, but the need to stay in touch and collaborate with colleagues is great. Indaver is providing employees with the digital tools they require, such as online applications, to meet remotely so they can simply keep in contact. Our IT department is providing the necessary support so that everyone can work with all the tools easily without additional strain on the network. Through internal communication, Indaver is sharing tips and tricks relating to digital safety and ergonomics for working from home.

Favourable inspection report from the government

On 7 April, the FPS Public Health visited our site in Antwerp to conduct an inspection. They checked whether Indaver had applied the social distancing and hygiene measures properly. They examined whether the staff and contractors were being adequately protected against infection with the virus. Indaver received a favourable report. Our efforts have been duly recognised by the government.

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