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As a waste management company, Indaver's work is close to the heart of the general public. We therefore strive for open communication with our customers and neighbours, with the government and the media. We make our activities and viewpoints known clearly and correctly. 

On these pages you can find an overview of the latest press releases and news articles, background information, and links to our publications. Under ‘multimedia’ you can find the latest videos on Indaver’s YouTube channel and an image bank you can choose from freely.


Indaver informs the media quickly and correctly about our activities. For more information, please contact Inge Baertsoen, Communications Manager for Indaver Belgium.

Latest news articles

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News update: Indaver destroys and disposes of waste containing PFAS


Indaver has been providing solutions for hazardous waste for 35 years. We do so with the greatest possible care for people and the environment, in...

Indaver guarantees efficient and sustainable processing of PFAS with respect for people and the environment


99.9999% efficient destruction of PFAS in rotary kilns, annual pollutant load in discharge water less than 10 grams for the sum of pfos, pfoa and GenX...

Press release: Indaver takes over solvent recovery unit and transfer station from BIP Chemical Holdings in the United Kingdom


Indaver is strengthening its position in the United Kingdom with the takeover of BIP Chemical Holdings and BIP Environmental Ltd. BIP Chemical...



• Indaver’s depolymerisation plant to be the first of its kind in Europe

• From yoghurt pot to yoghurt pot - agreement closes the loop for...

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Press release: From 2026, new installation will recover energy and raw materials from the waste water of 4 million Flemish citizens.


Water treatment company Aquafin is to build a sewage sludge processing installation on the ArcelorMittal site in the port of Ghent, to be operational...

Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, Princess of Belgium, marked the start of construction of the £600 million Rivenhall Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) and Energy Centre project in Essex, England


On Thursday the 12th of May, Indaver held a formal, private event at the Rivenhall IWMF and Energy Centre joined by guest of honor, Her Royal Highness...

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