Career and competency policy

How do you become successful in your job? With its career and competency policy, Indaver helps each employee to find their own best answer to this question. In addition to technical knowledge, personal competencies also determine success. We help you develop both as you plan your long-term career. 

Value-linked behaviour

When you work at Indaver, you need to know what we’re expecting from you, so we’ve translated our five core values into value-linked competencies and concrete behaviour common to all employees regardless of their position in the organisation.

Strategic competencies 

There are three strategic competencies necessary for defining and implementing our strategy. They’re a must for all of our employees.

  • Dealing with change in order to grow and make the organisation more effective and efficient 
  • Sharing knowledge across departments in order to remain innovative
  • Focusing on customers in order to meet - and surpass - their expectations 

Job-specific competencies

Along with the competencies that we expect from all employees, there are also specific competencies associated with each role. Indaver has established a number of additional behavioural competencies for each job to help clarify what’s expected. These include e.g. the ability to effectively evaluate situations, business thinking, and building and maintaining relationships.

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