Indaver treats Corona waste safely and efficiently

Coronavirus tests how our society can pull together and best protect as many people as possible. Indaver also plays its societal role by treating Corona waste from hospitals. 

These days hospitals are confronted with lot of medical waste that has to be treated quickly, safely and efficiently. Indaver has the specialised facilities to do this. We process this waste which is potentially contaminated with COVID-19 or the Corona-virus, from hospitals in our high temperature installation in Antwerp, Belgium.

Destruction of infected Corona-material

Indaver is highly experienced in the treatment of Hazardous Medical Waste (HMW). It sees it as its mission to prevent harmful or hazardous substances from ending up in the environment or in the food chain or materials chain by destroying this waste in its rotary kiln incinerators. We will also do this with Corona waste in the MediPower rotary kiln incinerator at our site in Antwerp.
The waste is stored in the hospitals in suitable containers which have been approved for this type of waste by hospital hygienists. This packaging provides adequate protection to prevent the risk of contamination via the waste. For transportation of these containers to the Indaver facility, the standard guidelines for transportation of hazardous medical waste apply.

Safe treatment at Indaver Antwerp

When the waste arrives in Antwerp, the containers are processed on MediPower via an automatic roller feeder system, conveyers and hoists. The containers are transferred to the incinerator automatically and in their entirety. This enables us to treat them quickly with a minimum of manual handling and our employees are given optimum protection. Incineration and post-combustion in the rotary kiln at temperatures up to 1200°C ensure the most complete possible destruction of all contaminants such as potentially infected material. Indaver is working hard to ensure that the facilities are running optimally so that the treatment of critical industrial and healthcare waste flows remain our priority. 

Measures to safeguard our business continuity 

Indaver´s primary concern is to guarantee the safety and health of its employees, customers and external partners as much as possible and to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 virus on our business. We are doing this by closely monitoring and respecting the measures of the government authorities involved. 

  • We have instructed all of our employees with non-operational tasks to work from home as much as possible. For employees with critical tasks, i.e. those who contribute directly to the waste processing process, specific measures are being taken - on top of our already strict procedures - in order to be able to safeguard our business continuity as far as possible. For example, there is no longer any personal contact between the different teams, an adapted canteen policy applies and extra hygiene measures are being implemented (thorough cleaning of e.g. work clothing, keyboards, rooms, etc.)
  • Colleagues with symptoms such as fever, a serious cough or respiratory difficulties are obliged to remain at home and must call on medical assistance
  • A ban on travel to risk areas for business purposes has been in effect since the beginning of March. In the meantime, this guideline has been expanded to all regions 
  • Colleagues who have visited these countries (or will be visiting them) for private purposes must subsequently work at home for a period of 14 days and may only return after having successfully passed a medical examination
  • Meetings with outsiders are only being conducted by telephone or via videoconference. This also applies for visits of our employees to other companies
  • We will continue to inform our employees about how they can best protect themselves and others against the virus. This includes e.g. personal hygiene protocols, cleaning procedures for infrastructure, awareness-raising posters, etc.
  • All of our suppliers and visitors are being informed about and asked to take all necessary precautionary measures and to follow the applicable guidelines and adapted gate instructions.
  • Transfrontier waste traffic falls within the category of "goods transport" and thus continues to be allowed so far.
  • Indaver has asked its transporters to respect its Corona guidelines when entering its sites.

Indaver continues to strive for an optimal service. We are aware of our crucial role and are doing our utmost to safeguard the treatment of waste.
If your business continuity in the exceptional case should nevertheless be or become impacted, you will be personally contacted about this by your dedicated Indaver contact person.

We are following the recommendations of the government closely and will keep you informed. 

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