Antwerp key example of how to destroy POP’s

On November 18th, a Pakistani delegation composed of representatives from various decision-making and research bodies paid a visit to Indaver’s installations in Antwerp.

Pakistani delegation specialised in POP’s visits Antwerp

The delegation, specialised in POP´s - short for ´Persistent Organic Pollutants´, such as e.g. DDT, lindane, PCB´s and dioxins - came to take a look at how the Indaver Antwerp site completely destroys these substances in a safe and sustainable manner. This is imperative because these POP´s, due to their physical and chemical properties, can be harmful for the environment and health.

Managing the POP’s in Pakistan step-by-step

In 2008 Pakistan signed the so-called ´Stockholm Convention´ of the United Nations, an international environmental treaty that seeks to restrict or prohibit the production and use of POP’s and/or to reduce their unintentional release. The visit to companies and governments in Western Europe that have unique experience in the management of hazardous wastes gave the POP delegation the necessary information on the existing technologies for definitively removing POP’s and for adopting an appropriate legal framework on the subject. With the aid of the UN, Pakistan is taking the measures required in order to manage the POP problematic step by step.

Expert in the destruction of POP’s

Indaver already has years of experience in processing POP´s and, with its state-of-the-art rotary kiln incinerators, offers a solution for this problematic whereby it is proven that this type of incinerator constitutes an important SINK, a safe solution for unwanted and harmful substances.  A visit to Indaver was thus an important part of the programme.
Pakistan still has a long way to go in order to banish POP´s from their environment as much as possible. Indaver made a contribution to providing the necessary insights on the possibilities that exist and how they are applied in practice.  


Our senior expert in managing ‘POP’ projects, Frank Bal, welcomed Mr. Aman Ahmad, Chief Technical Advisor UNDP, Ms Nusrat Shaheen, National Project Manager POPs, Ms. Iman Meer, Sustainable Development Advisor GIZ and Mr. Majid Rashid, Admin & Finance Officer POPs visiting the Indaver Antwerp site.

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