Consignment note for non-hazardous waste transport goes digital

Every waste transport requires a consignment note, also called a ´CMR´, and an identification (ID) form. The CMR is a document defining the contractual liability of the carrier for the goods that were entrusted to him. The identification form gives the address information of the waste producer, the carrier, the processor and information about the waste product itself.
Until recently, these documents were only available in paper versions that the driver always had to have with him, and which had to be signed manually by the customer, all of which entailed a certain amount of administrative burden.

Today, however, digital versions of the CMR and the ID form are available. After a successful pilot project involving several Belgian industrial customers and intermunicipal utility companies during the summer months, Indaver is now fully committing to the ´e-CMR´. Indaver Logistics (IL) has the honour of being the first in Belgium to start using it for all non-hazardous waste transports. Since September 16th, every transport trip made for IL uses the new digital CMR. Thanks to this digitisation, the administrative burdens and paper prints are reduced to a minimum. This is a further step in reducing your worries as a customer, since your transport manager no longer have to leave their own office, go down to the loading/unloading dock and sign the CMR and the identification form themselves. From now on, the Indaver driver does all of this in your place. At the loading/unloading site, he scans a QR code containing all the data with his mobile device (e.g. phone, scanner, tablet). All of the information is automatically forwarded to a digital platform where the customers can consult all of their transport documents for non-hazardous waste – quickly, efficiently, and in a centralised manner.

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