MSD enthusiastic about e-CMR

Danny Vande Weeghde, Manager Environmental Control at MSD is enthusiastic. After months of working with the digital consignment note and identification form, called e-CMR, they experienced an important relief of administrative burden. Discover what MSD has to say about this digital optimization and how it impacted their daily waste management. 

Every waste transport has its own consignment note (CMR) and an identification (ID) form. The CMR explains the contractual liability of the haulier for goods entrusted to him. The ID form states address details of the waste producer, haulier and waste treatment centre and contains information about the waste.
In 2019, these paper versions, which the waste producer always has to sign off manually were replaced by digital versions in 2019. All information is now transferred via QR codes which are read via smartphone, scanner or tablet of the driver who pick-ups the waste at the waste producer’s site. 

In the summer of 2019, the pharmaceutical company MSD in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium implemented the CMR supported by Indaver. After working months with the new digital e-CMR, Danny Vande Weeghde, Manager Environmental Control at MSD is enthusiastic.  

Danny explains: “With the e-CMR we are reducing the administrative burden. The process is now lean. When the transporter arrives at the site, the Indaver on-site operator checks everything. He checks whether data such as the EURAL codes, the address, the waste stream and more correspond to the request for waste disposal. Then he signs off digitally via a mobile device on behalf of MSD.
Thanks to the digital platform, we now have online access to all transport administration. Even a copy of the weighing receipt is available. That makes it possible to verify the reported weights in our own MSD e-CMR archive. All documents remain, as required by law, available for ten years. Waste is a critical business for MSD and it is often subject for audits. An electronic archive is then extremely useful.
For us, the introduction of the e-CMR was an important administrative simplification. Our weekly and time consuming walks to the waste container park to collect the documents are now a thing of the past. Checking and signing off is now done electronically.
Each document contains all the correct information and nothing gets lost anymore. Moreover, we no longer need to classify in a physical archive. Everything goes much smoother, we got rid of the whole paper shop and we save on space. ”

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