Avoid risks in hazardous medical waste disposal

In a hospital, Hazardous Medical Waste or HMW is generated every day. HMW includes anatomically, liquid, viral or bacterially infected waste, chemotherapy waste and needles. It is generated in labs or from patients. Given the risks involved, a specific container is used for this that must be hermetically and correctly sealed. This way waste can never escape in any way. 

To support the health industry in sensitizing and informing their staff on how to deal with hazardous medical waste, Indaver created two training videos. The instructional videos show in detail how to properly close HMW containers. To make the hospital staff aware of why it is important to close such a container properly, an animation video has also been created. This 3 min video shows the entire journey of the HMW container all the way up to the energy recovery from this waste. These tools support and enable the healthcare industry to properly inform and train their personnel and so minimize the risks along the HMW chain. 

There is also a financial impact. If the containers are not properly closed, the driver is not allowed to take the waste with him or extra handling is required to prepare the load for transport or acceptance. This results in additional costs for the hospital which could otherwise be avoided. 

By launching these videos, together with the healthcare sector, we contribute to a safe, circular economy. 

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