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Your waste in the hands of our sustainable processing directors


The Waste Treatment department and its outlet managers: as an industrial client you will no doubt have heard of them and perhaps even have met one or...

IWS Newsletter coming up soon!


The 21st of April, we will release our first Newsletter for industrial customers in Europe. Our goal is to provide you with first-hand news on what's...

Indaver in Portugal


Indaver manages 85% of the hazardous waste Portugal sends to incineration plants outside of its territory...

Katoen Natie new majority shareholder for Indaver


We are pleased to announce that 6th of March, 2015, Delta has reached an agreement with Katoen Natie for the proposed sale of its 74.99 percent stake...

Recovering valuable molecules from industrial waste increases your competitiveness in the market


In view of the scarcity of primary raw materials and the ongoing quest to reduce waste, it is beneficial for the industry to recover materials....

Discover Indaver online!


Dear Customer, 

We invite you to visit our new website. We updated our content so our different stakeholders can easily find the information they...

Ecovadis: Indaver awarded with “Advanced CRS Engagement”


Many (international) businesses are striving to improve their own sustainability levels, throughout their entire chain. Organisations' sustainability...

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