Sustainability report

In our annual Sustainability Report, we report on the way in which Indaver has fulfilled its role in the circular economy over the previous year. Sustainability is embedded in our company, not just in our activities, but also in our techniques and processes. Our Sustainability Report which is published every year, illustrates this integrated approach. 

The report is divided thematically into sections concerning policy, people, planet, prosperity, and partnerships. We operate in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to our industry. This Sustainability Report therefore also contains a number of references to these SDGs.

Coherent Structure

The Sustainability Report has been compiled based on the five Ps: Policy, People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnerships: 

  • Policy: how we have integrated our role in the circular economy into our corporate vision and business processes. 
  • People: how we deliver the right solutions because we invest in the safety and expertise of our staff; attract and develop talent and keep our staff motivated and involved. 
  • Planet: how we fulfil our role in the circular economy, using texts and figures, based on real projects and facilities. 
  • Prosperity: how we apply our model for value-creation and sustainable growth.
  • Partnerships: the partnerships we form to realise the circular economy.

Anticipating expectations

A working party consisting of staff from the various regions and departments determines the content and scope of the report. This results in a report that it is balanced and representative of the entire organisation. The working party ensures that the Sustainability Report is written with our various stakeholders in mind. The stakeholders are mapped here according to their interest in and potential impact upon Indaver. Our experience and our frequent contact with these groups and individuals have enabled us to compile a report geared towards their interests and those of the government. The Sustainability Report is sent to our stakeholders.

Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility 

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an internationally recognised system for reporting on corporate social responsibility and setting out a company’s economic, social and environmental performance. Inspired by the GRI we have charted our own performance in the same way. 

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