Indaver regularly publishes an issue of Focus, in which we present background information about our activities or elucidate our viewpoints. You can find an overview of archive copies of Focus here.

Indaver, a practical example of circular economy at Cleantech Forum


Indaver doesn’t just talk about the circular economy, it practises it too. In view of our leading role in the circular economy, we were a prominent...

Waste-to-Energy facilities: the protectors and suppliers of the circular economy


If we convert all the waste that is currently being landfilled in Europe into energy, we will be able to provide 13 percent of European households...

The ECLUSE project, one year on: work progressing steadily


A year after the first pipe was laid in the ECLUSE network, work on this large-scale steam network in the Waasland Port has already progressed...

Entrepreneurship can be learned: Indaver employees visit classes in Flanders


From January 15 to March 9, Indaver participates to the project “Ondernemers voor de Klas”. This initiative is organized by Vlajo, the Flemish...

Indaver keeps hazardous substances out of the cycle


You also think that we should use our raw materials sparingly. But in doing so, you want to be certain that the materials being reused for new...

Planet: safe and sustainable waste management


For a clean and safe planet we have to use less primary and fossil feedstocks and recover, reuse and recycle materials efficiently. Indaver is making...

People: Building on an inclusive safety culture


At Indaver we are working on a culture in which everyone cares about each other's safety. We have effective instruments and procedures. We offer...

Policy: building on the circular economy


Waste management companies have an important role to play in the circular economy. In the Policy section of the 2016 Sustainability Report we describe...

People: committed employees make the difference


To keep the planet habitable, we need to develop intelligent technologies and services. That's why we need good people. Indaver's employees are...

Prosperity: creating value


In a circular economy, creating value means caring about society, not just about financial gain. At Indaver, we want to create this added value using...

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