Landfills: final option in sustainable waste management

Landfill disposal is the last option in sustainable waste management, but it does remain necessary for waste flows that cannot be put to beneficial use or treated thermally. Indaver makes sure that such disposal is carried out safely. The waste in our landfills is a link in our waste-to-energy chain, however, because we recover methane from it, which we can use to generate energy.


There is a category 1 landfill in Antwerp. Hazardous waste and residues from the incineration and/or treatment of waste are disposed of in this landfill. 

There are category 1 and category 2 landfills in Doel. The category 2 landfill is for inorganic and non-hazardous waste with a low content of organic-biodegradable substances. 

Waste with a high content of organic-biological components is disposed of in the category 2 landfill of the Hooge Maey Intermunicipal Association, which Indaver operates. 


Indaver rigorously guards the environmental safety of its landfills. An electronic leak-detection system checks whether the soil is sufficiently protected against infiltration of waste. Indaver ensures that there are sufficient financial reserves for the final capping and for aftercare when the landfill site is no longer in use.

Landfills: sources of biogas

Through its stake in the Hooge Maey Intermunicipal Association in Antwerp, Indaver is involved in the conversion of landfill gas on this site. Since 2004, biogas has been recovered from bio-organic residual waste at the Hooge Maey facility. Four engines generate energy for approx. 4,800 households.

Sustainable approach to space

Indaver handles space economically and sustainably. As the category 1 landfill in Antwerp is almost full and no new landfills are permitted in Flanders, Indaver has found an inventive way to expand this landfill. In 2013 we converted the ‘valley’ between our own landfill and the Hooge Maey’s adjacent landfill site for non-hazardous waste into a new landfill site. This is sustainable management through innovation.

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landfill, indaver
landfill, indaver

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