Safety, our priority

Indaver leaves nothing to chance when it comes to guaranteeing safety, for its own employees as well as for visitors, suppliers, contractors or neighbours. We constantly monitor our safety performance. In case of problems or incidents, we take remedial measures or adjust our safety policy. 


Prevention advisors conduct regular inspection rounds at our sites, paying attention to order, cleanliness and visible risks. Production staff also conduct periodic inspection rounds, using checklists to ensure that safeguards are in place. Awareness campaigns, communication tools and training programmes make every employee – whether in-house or external – aware of the importance of safety on Indaver sites.

Proactive approach

We provide our staff with suitable protective gear and arrange for technical provisions, job safety analyses and specific safety procedures to ensure the safety of every person on-site. We proactively identify areas for improvement and implement any necessary changes in our safety management system. This involves regular reviews of all relevant legislation and best practice guidelines, hazard identification and risk assessment studies, auditing of all our sites and work activities, conducting incident and non-conformance investigations and provision of training.

Safety dialogue

During safety observations employees and contractors are questioned. Managers doing these observation rounds attend regular training on recognising safety risks on-site. They are also provided with training on how to communicate their findings during observation rounds and how to lead by example. Prevention tweets are keeping the dialogues concerning safety alive. 

Monitoring safety

Indaver constantly monitors its safety performance through its Safety Index. This keeps track not only of accidents resulting in time off work but also those with in-house or off-site first aids, and apparent accidents of even unsafe situations. We use this Safety Index to set the safety targets for Indaver Belgium.

Customer awareness

By showing our customers what is involved in the waste treatment process, and providing information, we create a better understanding of the associated risks.

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