Wim De Vadder, Reliability Engineer

Four years ago, I went looking for a new challenge: a job with a lot of flexibility and room for initiative. And so this is why I joined Indaver. 

As a Reliability Engineer, I am responsible for the site in Antwerp. Together with my team I ensure that we are using all the facilities properly, reducing costs, and processing as much waste as possible. In addition, I am responsible for organising the maintenance of the rotary kiln incinerators. In Antwerp we have three rotary kiln incinerators that treat non-recyclable industrial and hazardous waste. Every year we shut them down for a thorough inspection. To achieve this, a good cooperation with my team and other teams is essential. 

I have a very challenging job with a lot of responsibilities. During a working day I am either busy on the site, working at my desk, or in meetings with colleagues. I don’t have a typical working day or a fixed set of duties. I get the chance to develop and to realise challenging goals. This freedom and variety give me a lot of energy. You can – and are allowed to – make it happen yourself.

At Indaver, there is an open and relaxed atmosphere. They have a clear vision in mind and want to contribute to a better environment. It is a people-oriented, social company. This is their key strength in my opinion. They realize that people make the difference. You can invest in machines, but without motivated individuals, you won’t progress. That is why they invest so much in us, for example with training. 

I can truly recommend Indaver as an employer to other engineers. People with a positive drive and the right desire and determination belong here. You can really get involved and take charge. Honesty and good communication are deeply appreciated. If you are someone who wants to get things done, you will have many opportunities to do well at Indaver.
Wim has evolved into the role of Maintenance Manager.

Collaboration within the team and with other teams is Indaver’s strength. Everyone wants to help achieve our company’s goals.

Wim De Vadder, Maintenance Manager

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